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Hidlumane Falls

Hidlumane falls is a series of cascading falls with about 6 or 7 falls one after another. The beauty of these falls is that each of these falls are hidden from one another and they get better and better as you go up the cascade, culminating in a magnificent fall which is as secluded a waterfall as you can imagine! Going up the cascade could be quite adventurous depending on the weather. The path is treacherously slippery. The way throughout is very picturesque with lush green forest and paddy fields all around. You will surely enjoy the scenic view of  western ghats. When you reach main falls, the excitement would be at its zenith and there would be nothing to stop you getting indulged. If you come to Hidlumane Falls with friends, stay at Simha Farms, the best homestay near Hidlumane Falls, we provide villas, cottages and dormitories.

Hidlumane Falls to Kodachadri

Kodachadri can be reached from Hidlumane Falls, a small path connects Hidlumane falls with Kodachadri, which goes through lush green forest giving us a thorough trekking experience. The best time to visit Hidlumane falls is after  rainy season. We have to be very cautious of the leeches, its better to carry lime or Tobacco leaves as precautions for leech bites. Near Kodachadri we can find accommodation at Simha Farms. Simha Farms, the best homestay near Hidlumane Falls, they provide villas, cottages and dormitories.

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